VME 8-axis control board equipped with four PCL5022™

The Advme2005 is a VME 8-axis control board equipped with four PCL5022™ control chips. It controls speed and position of pulse motors and servo motors. It can be used also as counter board.

Not Recommended for New Design


  • 8 channels
  • Controlling pulse motors and servo motors
  • Up to 1.2Mpps
  • It performs also as up-down counter board


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense


It is a VME bus compliant 8-axis control board equipped with four Nippon Pulse Motor PCL5022™ control chips for controlling the speed and the positioning of 8-axis pulse motors and servo motors.
It is used for the connection to a pulse-input stepping motor driver or to a servo motor driver.
It is equipped with independent general purpose I/O ports for each axis that allow the board to be connected with different stepping motor drivers and servo motor drivers at the same time.
It is ideal as a controller for equipment using multi-axis stepping motors such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Operations Performed
It performs constant rate and straight line acceleration and deceleration for continuous operation, preset operation and return to the original position. It provides also these functions: completing a straight line between two specific axes (slave axis moves proportionally to the master axis), detecting loss of synchronism in pulse motors.
Counter Mode
It can be used as an up-down counter board because each channel has a built-in independent 28-bit length up-down counter with a two-phase encoder. Up-down pulses can be input.
It also supports drivers with micro-step control up to 16 divisions.
Maximum pulse rate could be 1.2Mpps.
Other Features
All I/O signals are photo-coupler isolated (excluding CW/CCW)
Software programmable IRQ level and interrupt vector.
Sample program and VxWorks device driver are optionally available.

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