VME 8-channels counter board

The Advme 1806 is a communication VME board that performs a high-speed counter or timer with 8-channel input. All eight channels have a 24-bit length counter and have an independent interrupt vector, allowing various interrupt events to be issued. A 48-bit counter can be realized with cascade connection.

Not Recommended for New Designs


  • 8-channel input
  • 24-bit length counter (or 48-bit in cascade connection)
  • 100MHz maximum pulse repetition frequency
  • 100ns, 1s, 10s or 100s minimum resolutions
  • TTL or NIM input pulse signals


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

It is a VME bus compatible high-speed counter board with 8-channel input that can perform either in counter mode or a timer mode for a wide variety of applications. TTL or NIM level can be used as an input pulse signal.
All eight channels have a 24-bit length counter. Counters can be used as a 48-bit counter by connecting them in a cascade connection.
This board is capable of measuring a maximum pulse repetition frequency of 100MHz.
Each channel has an independent interrupt vector, allowing various interrupt events to be issued.
100ns, 1s, 10s or 100s can be selected as the minimum resolution in timer mode.
External and internal gate
External gate signal can be used to add a gate signal from outside.
Internal gate signal can be programmed within the range 1ms to 990s.
By setting the internal register from the software, the internal gate signal of any channel can be sent externally. The gate switching toggle switch on the front panel can be set to switch between external gate signal input and internal gate signal output.
Other features
Each channel has a LED lamp for monitoring the status of input signals.
C-language sample program is provided.
Device driver for VxWorks available (option).

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