VME bus expander (Master)

The Advme1524 is a VME Master board. It allows, for instance, a CPU board installed in the same rack of the Master board to be connected to I/O or memory boards placed in other racks. It is used in combination with one or more slave boards (Advme1525).

Not Recommended for New Designs


  • Up to 16 slave boards connectable
  • Up to 30m overall cable length
  • Used in combination with Advme1525


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

It is a VME bus expander master board which can be used in combination with the Advme 1525 board (slave board) to expand the number of VME bus slots.
It bridges the read/write cycle and interrupt acknowledge cycle of the VME bus on the master side to the VME bus on the slave side.
It functions as an interrupter when an interrupt request is received from a VME slot expanded via an Advme1525 board and it issues an interrupt request to the VME bus on the master side.
It supports bus cycles for 16-bit data buses and 24-bit address buses, and it is ideal when there is the need to expand the number of slots in a system that uses a large number of DI, DO, AI, AO and other I/O boards.
It can be used to expand the number of VME bus slots.
Daisy-chain connections
Daisy-chain connections are possible, allowing I/O boards to be distributed to multiple VME racks.
Daisy-chain connections allow overall cable length to be extended to 30m, and up to 16 slave boards can be connected to one master board.
Inserting an I/O board with an interrupter function into the slot on the slave side enables the execution of an interrupt process with the CPU board on the master side.
Multiple Configurations
Multiple Advme1524 boards can be inserted in the VME racks on the master side, allowing a further expansion of the number of slots.

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