Eurotech is offering with its boards different types of software:
  • Pre-ported operating system (OS)
  • Board support Package (BSP) only
  • Drivers only

Pre-ported OS
The operating system is installed in the board so that, when it is turned on, the operating system is fully configured and operational.
BSP only
In this case no software in installed in the processor board, but the customer has all the software needed to build its own image of the operating system. Much more flexible than having pre-installed the operating system, but requires longer time for the development.
Drivers only
Only the drivers for Linux operating system are supplied.

Eurotech has a complete portfolio of embedded boards with cpu processor based on the state of the art architectures: Atom, x86, PowerPC, XScale and Freescale RISC. The boards are either cpu boards or single board computer ( SBC ) available in many form factors: VME, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Express, PC-104, PC-104+, EPIC, EBX, COM Express, SO-DIMM and other Eurotech form factors.

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