PC/104 Marvell® XScale PXA255™ 400 MHz Single Board Computer

It is a low power PC/104 compatible single board computer based on Marvell® XScale PXA255™ processor.
It includes a set of integrated peripherals: flat panel graphics controller, DMA controller, interrupt controller, real time clock and multiple serial ports.
It takes advantage of the power saving modes of the PXA255™ processor and other onboard peripherals and this allow to achieve a typical power consumption which is only about 2W.

Not recommended for New Design

If you liked the VIPER, look at the TITAN for new programs.


  • Marvell® XScale PXA255™
  • PC/104 compliant
  • TFT/STN flat panel, support LVDS output
  • AC97 Audio controller with onboard 250W stereo amplifier
  • 4x RS232
  • 1x RS422/RS485


  • Multimedia interface panels
  • Communications gateway
  • Telematics

The VIPER is an extremely low power PC104 compatible single board computer designed on the 400MHz Marvell® XScale PXA255™ RISC processor. The VIPER board offers a deep list of features making it an ideal solution for power sensitive embedded communications and multimedia applications and platforms.
Power Consumption
The board has been designed to take advantage of the power thrifty modes of the PXA255™ processor and other on-board peripherals to achieve an incredibly low 1.9W maximum power consumption. In addition to the low power consumption, the VIPER supports a very low power standby mode of just 250mW.
The PXA255™ is an implementation of the ARM compliant, Intel XScale microarchitecture used in conjunction with a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals and interfaces including: TFT/STN flat panel graphics controller, onboard soldered SDRAM and resident Flash, 10/100baseTx Ethernet, 5 serial ports, I²C controller, dual USB host controller, USB client, AC97 audio/codec, CompactFlash interface (CF+), and a standard PC/104 bus expansion connector.

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