PC/104-Plus 4 CODECs Audio Matrix module RoHS

The INT-1410 board is a PC/104-Plus board which manages up to 8 stereo audio input channels, 8 stereo audio output channels. The PCI interface manages 10-channel play DMA stream and 12-channel record DMA stream. The board features a switch matrix which can mix audio inputs/outputs.


  • 8 stereo audio input channels
  • 8 stereo audio output channels
  • 2-channel mixer
  • 4-to-2 wire converter on audio input/output channel
  • Echo canceller (optional)


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

The INT-1410 Audio Matrix is a PC/104-Plus audio peripheral board aimed for managing up to 8 stereo audio input and 8 stereo audio output channels, with programmable front-end audio CODECs.
PCI Interface
The onboard PCI interface manages the 10-channel play DMA stream and the 12-channel record DMA stream of the main channels as well as the 2-channel play DMA stream and the 2-channel record DMA stream of the auxiliary channels.
Switch Audio Matrix
The onboard features include a switch audio matrix that allows the user to select the driving source of each of the 8 stereo audio output. A 2-channel mixer which can mix the 8 stereo audio inputs.
Optional features
Optional features include a two-way echo canceller on an audio input/output channel pair, a 1-watt power amplifier on an audio output channel and a preamplified microphone input on an stereo audio input channel.
The board is fully compliant with the 2002/95/CE (RoHS) directives and can be qualified inside the standard (0 to + 60 C) and extended (-40 to + 85 C) temperature ranges.

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