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PC/104 24 + 24 Isolated Digital I/O Module

The DAQ-1278 is a PC/104 board that provides 48 I/O pins configurable to implement different functions. It features two non-isolated power MOSFET outputs. The FPGA is reprogrammable through the PC/104 (ISA) bus.


  • 24 galvanically isolated digital inputs
  • 24 galvanically isolated digital outputs
  • 2 MOSFET outputs
  • Three Counter/Timers
  • In-circuit FPGA configuration


  • Industrial digital control
  • Event triggering and timing
  • Incremental encoder interfacing
  • Versatile digital I/O interfacing
  • PLC interfacing

Galvanically isolated, the DAQ-1278 module is a highly integrated, freely programmable solution for many I/O control interface applications. Different functions can be allocated to the 48 I/O pins by reconfiguring the board control registers. This eliminates the need for different types of low functionality digital boards in a system.
A low-power high-density Xilinx® FPGA chip contains all the complex logic needed to adapt the DAQ-1278 to different applications. I/O pins are fully programmable with alternate functions that can be allocated to the pins. These include counter timers, incremental encoders, input masking, output pattern triggering, and PWM control outputs. Two non-isolated power MOSFET outputs, capable of sinking up to 2A, can be used for driving power to PWM devices, relays or stepper motors.
The DAQ-1278's FPGA is reprogrammable through the PC/104 (ISA) bus. This allows for easy reconfiguration of the board and firmware customization without removing the board from the stack. The board includes FlexiSet(TM) software to configure the BASE address, IRQ and board I/O setup, and stores it to the onboard non-volatile EEPROM.

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