PC104+ AMD Geode GX 466 CPU with CRT/LCD, 4x USB 2.0 and Fast Ethernet

The CPU-1433 is an embedded RoHS compliant board.
This product features the AMD® Geode GX466™ processor running at 333MHz.
The BIOS is embedded and located in a 1MB Flash EPROM.
A Fast Ethernet interface and four 2.0 ports are included.

Not recommended for New Design


  • AMD® Geode GX466™
  • AMD® CS5536AD
  • PC/104-Plus compliant
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports
  • Fast Ethernet
  • Embedded Enhanced BIOS


  • Harsh environments prone to high humidity, shocks and vibrations
  • Extended operating temperature range applications

The CPU-1433 is a fully RoHS compliant replacement for the popular CPU-1432 PC/104-Plus module. The module has been designed for harsh environments, resistant to high humidity, vibration and shock. The module can also be qualified to operate in extended temperature ranges.
It now features the AMD® Geode GX466™ 333MHz Pentium® MMX class processor and is Windows CE® & XPE® and Linux® compatible.
The BIOS is stored in a 1MB Flash EPROM and is re-programmable onboard, set-up parameters are saved within the same Flash allowing the module to retain the data without having a backup battery.
Integrated peripheral connections include: 4 USB 2.0 ports, TFT & VGA, 2 serial ports, parallel port, Fast Ethernet, IDE, AC97 sound port, AT keyboard and PS/2 mouse.
For improved data storage reliability the CPU-1433 has an integrated secured DOM (Disk On Module) interface, this can be utilised as an alternative to the IDE interface when used in harsh conditions.
Watch dog
Onboard features also include a Real Time Clock and Watch Dog timer (configurable from 2 to 255 seconds / minutes).
To minimize development times a complete ready-to-use hardware development kit is available, accessories include Ethernet & USB adaptors, interface cables and power supply.

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