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PC/104 Automotive Power supply module 50W Vin=8-40VDC

The ACS-5151 is a PC/104 power supply module that provides up to 50W power output. The input voltage could be from +8 to +40 V DC with an automotive transient voltage suppressor. The board features an EMI input filter designed to comply with MIL-STD-461, CE and EN-55022 class B standards.


  • Up to 50W power output
  • Input voltage from +8 to +40V DC
  • Input protection with automotive transient voltage suppressor
  • EMI input filter


  • High Reliability Systems
  • Industrial controllers
  • Mobile Land systems
  • Airborne systems
  • Nautical systems
  • Defense and Homeland Security


The ACS-5151 vehicle power supply is designed to meet the system design requirements of vehicle, machine, industrial, and mobile installations. It offers resistance to high levels of shock and vibration and has a rugged mechanical design. All the components are secured to the board for shock/vibration resistance.
Standard compliance
Reverse protection up to -45VDC and short-term tolerance of spikes up to 50V (1ms) make this power supply the ideal choice for battery operated +12V or +24V systems. A dedicated high power automotive voltage suppression circuitry will dissipate up to 6KW of transient energy (10/1000us waveform) meeting the ISO7637-2 surge specification. The onboard input filter and protection circuitry is designed to meet the requirements of the EC low voltage directives for CE compliance EN55022-B and EN61000 and MIL-STD-461 for radiated and conducted emissions. Emissions are reduced by optimal layout, as well as EMI filtering of all the board outputs including the power applied into the PC/104 computer bus.
Power outputs
The output voltages are supplied to the PC/104 bus as well as from the terminal blocks on the board. The +3.3V output can be used to power other low voltage peripheral devices in the system such as LCD panels, GPS receivers or wireless communication devices. LEDs indicate the status of the +5V and +12V power outputs.

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