PC/104 MIL-Rated 25W Power Supply Module

The Eurotech ACS-5125 is a 25W isolated power supply module. It supplies +5V at 5A with overload protection and without any de-rating. This board features a DC/DC converter that provides well-controlled outputs with control functions and no overshoot. A Digital Temperature sensor provides a warning signal that is used to control the temperature shutdown function.


  • Onboard DC/DC converter
  • Onboard Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Over temperature shutdown at 102C
  • Input range from 15.5 to 40V DC
  • Power output, without de-rating +5V/5A


  • Military vehicles
  • Aircrafts
  • Machines
  • Vessels

The Eurotech ACS-5125 is a 25W isolated power supply module. The module supplies +5V @ 5A with overload protection and without any de-rating. Resistance to high levels of shock and vibration are a result of the mechanical solutions adopted in this ruggedised PC/104-Plus compliant (except for component heights) module: these include the use of the PCB for heat dissipation, component selection and extensive use of SMD components.
Operation mode
The ACS-5125 features a DC/DC converter that provides for well-controlled outputs with no overshoot and control functions such as voltage trim, remote sense and inhibit. It can also generate an over temperature warning signal that gives user control over the temperature shutdown function of the converter via an I2C interface. In conjunction with the DC/DC converter, the ACS-5125 can also be equipped with an EMC filter against conducted susceptibilities, surges and spikes.
Protection devices
In addition, the power supply construction allows for the EMI filter, DC/DC converter and the heat dissipating protection devices to be mounted on the top or on the bottom side of the board. This allows for the maximum configuration flexibility when integrating the ACS-5125 in a system and easily supports the use of structural heat sinking enabling reliable temperature operation (-40 to +85 C) without any active cooling.
Standards compliance
The ACS-5125 meets requirements of EC low voltage directives for CE compliance. When the power supply module only features the DC/DC converter, it meets the conducted emission and immunity requirements of MIL-STD-461E (EMC performance) and MIL-STD-810F (environmental performance). When the EMC filter is also mounted, the ACS-5125 additionally complies with MIL-STD-1275A/B/C & MIL-STD-704 (emission and immunity performance).

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