CompactPCI Express board based on Intel Core Duo / Core2 Duo processor

A6EXP8021 is an high-performance CPU board which supportes CompactPCI Express. It is equipped with Intel Core Duo/Core2 Duo. Memory boasts higher reliability due to the SEC/DED/x4 SDDC features of the E7520 server chipset, and PC2-3200 DIMM can be installed using dual channel architecture. CompactPCI Express can be configured as four x4 or two x8 lanes.

Not Recommended for New Design


  • Intel®Core™Duo processor L2400(1.66GHz)
  • Core2™Duo processor L7400(1.5GHz)/T7400(2.16GHz)(optional)
  • Memory control HUB: Intel® E7520™
  • 2 DDR2 DIMM sockets (Dual channel)
  • Double slot width
  • Four x4 or two x8 PCIe lanes


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

The A6EXP8021 is a Core Duo/ Core2 Duo based CompactPCI Express board that supports PICMG Packet Switching Backplane Specification EXP.0 R1.0.
The A6EXP8021 is equipped with the Intel® E7520™ server chip set as a memory control hub and Intel® 6300ESB™ as an I/O control hub. The Intel® E7520™ server chipset features the PCI Express routing function embedded in the ECC-capable memory controller. The DMA controller allows high-speed data transfer between main memory and PCI Express. The A6EXP8021 adopts dual channel memory that allows for PC2-3200 DIMM.
CompactPCI Express can be configured as four x4 lanes or two x8 lanes. The A6EXP8021 is also equipped with standard interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA, and USB 2.0.
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