6-channel thermocouple measurement CompactPCI (cPCI) board

The A3pci2615 is a CompactPCI 6-channel thermocouple measurement board. The board has 6-channel and features a three wire measurement system.

Not Recommended for New Design


  • 6-channel thermocouple input
  • 3 wire measurement system
  • Disconnection detection
  • Photo-coupler isolation between Pt100 input and CompactPCI bus system


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

The A3pci2615 is a CompactPCI 6-channel thermocouple measurement board.
Termocouple Features
1) 6-channel platinum resistance thermometer (Pt100) measurement is possible. As soon as the power is turned on and/or as soon as the hardware is reset, default settings start temperature measurement.
2) Because a terminal block type two-piece connector is used, it is possible to remove just the terminal block and change the board without removing each of the thermocouple screw clamps from the terminal block. The terminal block does not prevent the removal of the adjacent board.
3) Can be set to take the moving average of the last four lots of A/D conversion values and calculate the temperature conversion values. Because it is the moving average, the most recent temperature conversion values, averaged for each sampling, can be obtained.
4) Disconnection of cables including thermocouples can be detected for each input channel. When disconnection is detected, an interrupt can be issued to the CompactPCI bus.

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