ETH Lab is the research arm of Eurotech. This means ETH Lab implements the research vision of the Group about innovation.
Purposely separated from the industrial branch in order to be immune from day-by-day market constraints, ETH Lab operates with a "technology push" approach, where new concepts and innovative technologies meet with advanced design methodologies to envision the future.

Breakthrough application domains, innovative human-to-machine interfaces, state-of- the-art hardware components, cutting-edge communication technologies are the desired outcomes of the Lab action.

From health-care to smart transport, from security to environmental scenarios, from wearable systems to high-performance computing, Eurotech asks to ETH Lab to rise questions and give answers about the future technologies, applications, users.

Talent scouting and development, community-based design, dream realization are the ways that the Lab adopts to pave the way to the future.
ETH Lab offers a stimulating environment where talented individuals with a solid technical background can direct their imagination and creativity towards the realization of new concepts and exploitation of novel market opportunities.
Being a world-based company, Eurotech offers the World as the destination of this creativity: from USA to Europe to Japan, any place can be the source or becoming the test bench for innovative ideas.

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Unlocking Innovative Talents

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