Eurotech produces leading edge embedded computer products for a wide variety of industrial, mobile and machine control applications - covering the industrial, transportation and defence markets. Here are some projects we have worked on.

Monitoring and Detection read more
The MiniSentry/S is a new advance in radiation monitoring developed by nuclear industry specialists CANBERRA for the French Emergency Services. Its application programme is hosted on Eurotech's fanless ultra low power TITAN single board computer, producing a range of sophisticated capabilities in the vital area of nuclear safety. "Our development process was greatly helped by the fact that the TITAN was designed by the Eurotech team in the UK and their contribution has been very helpful." David Lloyd, of CANBERRA.

Communication and Control read more
Blazepoint are leading developers and manufacturers of rugged computers and peripherals. Rob Cook, Technical Director of Blazepoint explained: "Eurotech had the best fully integrated single board computer available to meet our requirements, but their involvement in helping us to custom design this version of the Tactical Tablet PC was critical in developing the correct solution for our customer. While this solution has been developed for defence requirements, there could also be a potential for other rugged applications, such as in the oil and gas industries."

HMI / MMI read more
Vacuumatic Ltd
Vacuumatic is a world leader in the manufacture of sophisticated counting machines. Dave Long, Technical Director of Vacuumatic, said that Eurotech's SBC-GX533 embedded PC is an essential component in these machines. Featuring a low profile fanless design with an integrated 2D graphics accelerator making it ideal for interface panels between operator and machine. "The GX533 is the brains behind the Super 30 and Vicount 3 machines. It provides sequence control for the counting process and a user friendly touchscreen interface for the operator."

Data Capture read more
IA Technology Ltd
IA Technology are experts in data capture systems and they recently undertook an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) on behalf of the MoD destined for the British army stationed in Afghanistan. An essential component of these systems was the ISIS single board computer, together with its range of peripheral modules relating to power supply and communications. In order to meet a delivery deadline of only six weeks, Eurotech worked closely with IA Technology to ensure the design and delivery process went as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Communication and Control read more
Applied Acoustics Ltd
Applied Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of undersea positioning, tracking and sub-bottom profiling equipment - in which Eurotech's VIPER single board computer plays a key communications role. Mike Fitch, Senior Design Engineer at Applied Acoustics, commented: "The VIPER was chosen mainly because of its compact size, low power consumption and multiple I/O. The embedded operating system allows for a fast start-up and the board has proved very reliable in operation. We have been delighted with its performance."

Machine Control read more
Turbo Technics Ltd
A crucial element in the widely used Turbo Technics VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) models is the Eurotech SBC-GX533 embedded PC. This is integrated into the computer and is used for analysing and displaying balance measurements and, in some machines, for controlling the operating process. Geoff Kershaw, Managing Director of Turbo Technics explained "With their SBC-GX533, Eurotech has provided us with an essential component for these successful applications and their technical support has been second to none," he said.

Monitoring and Communications read more
Servowatch Systems
The monitoring and comms facilities on board 'Floridian' are provided by Servowatch Systems. These were recently upgraded using six Eurotech VX-121P Panel PCs with high brightness TFT displays. Steve McDonald, Contract Manager for Servowatch, explained that compact panel PCs and displays of this type, able to accommodate their network card PCI slot, were an ideal solution for a vessel, as even on a super-yacht space can be at a premium. "Eurotech has been very helpful at all times in providing technical information, advice and support," he said.

Transit Technologies read more
Advanced Transport Systems Limited
New unmanned electric Personal Rapid Transit vehicles being introduced to Heathrow Airport are set to revolutionise passenger transfers. The PROTEUS SBC, which drives the ULTra communication system, is ideal for applications requiring high end performance in a fanless, rugged package. Tim Taberner, Sales Manager of Eurotech commented: "The PROTEUS provides the performance, reliability and scalability to handle the requirements of the Heathrow PRT system. This is a very exciting project that will transform the passenger experience at the airport."

Network and Communication read more
Blue Ocean Wireless
Blue Ocean Wireless has recently launched the world's first dedicated mobile telephone network for the merchant maritime sector. Using a bespoke version of Eurotech's APOLLO ICE 1U industrial PC, merchant crews can now make and receive calls or send and receive SMS messages as soon as they leave the range of onshore GSM networks. Bolted to the ship's bulkhead, it can withstand extremes of temperature, shock and vibration to provide a robust, high quality voice and messaging service for mobile telephones in all conditions. The system also requires minimal maintenance.

Kiosk / Ticketing
Scotcomms needed a simple embedded processor supporting the serial input from the Gemplus Smartcard reader (initially for Bolton Wanderers FC), given the project time scale, it was essential that it was pre-configured with an OS, Flash based filing system and a TCP/IP stack. Scotcomms' Technical Director, Dave Robb said "We searched the web and reviewed several hardware solutions - most were too costly or did not offer the software features. We implemented the software in three months with only a handful of calls to Eurotech for technical support".

Port of Felixstowe
Rugged industrial PCs from Eurotech are being used by the Port of Felixstowe to trace the routing of the containers carried by its network of giant cranes. The upgraded computer system provides a real-time database to track the status of up to 17,000 containers. It is also designed to optimise the efficiency of the many thousands of container landing, loading and house-keeping operations performed every day. The system can check itself 100 times every second, to ensure no incident recorded by the alarm system is missed.

Control and Automation
Kellogg's used our industrial compact enclosures to optimise machine utilisation and make energy savings. A bank of ten palletising machines pack and stack cases of cereal which are fed to the expansive warehousing facility from the main food factory via a network of powered conveyor systems. John Marshman commented by saying "The enclosure proved itself as a highly competent automation solution; although rugged in construction, it is flexible and expandable as well as simple to configure, even when compared with leading PLCs".

Data Acquisition
An offshore equipment project upgrade recently completed by CodaOctopus Products Ltd using a Eurotech industrial PC clearly illustrates how hardware, software and support factors all contribute to upgrading successfully. "The key reasons for choosing Eurotech were the APOLLO's Linux/Windows dual boot ability and its slimline rugged chassis", commented Rob Carsley, Product Development Manager at CodaOctopus Products Ltd, "However the choice also paid dividends with their custom engineering support".

Mobile Access Router
CISCO's brief was to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to city train passengers. Eurotech's DuraMAR 2150 was the optimal choice for implementing a high-availability on-train network back-haul connection. The Eurotech solution combines functionality, compatibility with CISCO communications infrastructures and compliance to international train and rail standards for mechanical durability, EMC as well as immunity and safety.

Control and Automation
Each PivotWare SmartBox incorporates our SBC-GX1 300MHz embedded processor in a compact enclosure providing PC performance using a low power embedded fan-less design. Since the initial SmartBox suite of products was rolled out to automotive production lines, Eurotech has worked with PivotWare on other key products in their range. All aimed at error detection purposes but designed for different tiers of the manufacturing process. These products are now used in car plants such as BMW, Ford and Landrover, all over the world.

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