NanoPCs are miniaturized computers for specific applications, designed
to operate in extreme conditions.
Our NanoPC business unit offers a range of different solutions.

Vision systems
The innovative combination of vision and processing technologies has
given birth to silicon-integrated systems-on-chip, opening the door to new and exciting computing applications: from medical and scientific instrumentation to biometrics, transportation and domotics.

Embedded systems
The embedded revolution has led to the development of miniaturized computers, thanks to which intelligence and connectivity can now be embedded into a broad range of computing devices and systems: intelligent transportation, surveillance and security, defence, aerospace, traffic management, power distribution and control.

Industrial PCs
This sector provides human-to-machine interface devices and systems for industrial automation.

Network appliances
These devices assure the management and optimization of Wide Area Networks (WAN), the digital highways that provide the basic infrastructure for tomorrow's communications.

Wearable Pc
The most important characteristics of Wearable computers are: interactivity, ergonomic design and user friendly operating systems.
Weaable computers integrate features of a standard computer along with the convenience and ergonomics of being worn.

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