The Eurotech Group

Eurotech is a leading international group active in the research, development and marketing of miniaturised computers (NanoPCs) and in high performance computers (HPC). The Group implements cutting-edge technologies to develop products to improve daily life, making it simpler, safer and more comfortable.

Eurotech's strategic direction is to define and penetrate new and emerging markets, breaking traditional barriers through innovation. With this vision in mind, Eurotech has focused its research and development on key high-growth sectors like pervasive computing, to create innovative, integrated solutions (including software, hardware, middleware and support services) that offer the flexibility and scalability needed to capture new market opportunities. This spirit of innovation and standard of excellence have, in a just a few years, made Eurotech a leader in the field of high technology for computer miniaturization.


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The company's headquarters are located in Amaro (Italy), with offices in Kansas City (Kansas, USA), Columbia (Maryland, USA), Salt Lake City (Utah, USA), Cambridge (UK), Paris (France), Lyon (France), Helsinki (Finland), Varese (Italy), Trento (Italy), Bratislava (Slovakia), Singapore, Bangalore (India), Tokyo and Okayama (Japan).

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