Eurotech helps Stony Brook University track student transport

Last year the Stony Brook University Transportation & Parking Student Advisory Committee made the suggestion that students would benefit from a real-time tracking system for transit buses and shuttles.
Stony Brook University’s transit tracking and information solution needed to easily grow with the campus, since the University will inevitably add students and buses/vehicles in the future.

The ideal solution was founded in Eurotech offering: a camera driven Passenger Counter and a programmable Edge Controller that would meet all the project requirements.

The SBU Smart Transit Project works as a global positioning system (GPS) that tracks real-time SBU Transit bus and shuttle locations and passenger occupancy campus wide.

Stony Brooks installation includes Helios Edge Controller and Passenger Counter devices mounted on their fleet of 30 among shuttles and standard buses.

Unversity's Project Manager, Jennifer Wong, says this solution is providing a lot of valuable data to the University. “Students can login to our system via their phone or computer, and they can see how many people are on the vehicle they are planning to take. Sometimes our buses get full during busy times, so the project allows students to make educated decisions about how to get from point A to point B.”

The system also allows students to select their route, see stops and vehicles, find estimated arrival times, and determine what kind of vehicle is coming (gas, biodiesel or vegetable oil-based buses are in use). Vehicles transmit data every 2 seconds, and the project website updates every 5 seconds. Furthermore, students can access the information through the main website, a mobile website and an Android and iPhone application, all of which were designed by Stony Brook University’s students. The project also has a back-end management system that allows transportation management to monitor the transit system.

The entire Stony Brook University Transit fleet is now equipped and the "Smart Transit" applications are growing in popularity. Wong and her team plan to continue to spread the word so more students and community can benefit from this useful tool as they travel through campus.

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