Eurotech ISIS tests the wind for Natural Power

As well as providing a highly effective form of clean energy generation, wind farms can be installed more rapidly than conventional power stations.
However, installation requires accurate technical data, because positioning wind turbines to provide optimum performance is critically important.

The portable ZephIR 300 Wind Lidar from Natural Power, suppliers of consulting and risk management services for the global renewable energy industry, is an invaluable tool for pinpointing the best locations for installing wind turbines. It allows wind engineers to take essential measurements of wind speed and direction, using infrared light, the Doppler Effect and conical scanning patterns to create a full picture of wind patterns.

This new generation Lidar incorporates the Eurotech ISIS embedded single board computer with Intel® Atom™ processor, which runs the system’s processing algorithms in real time while simultaneously providing continuous monitoring of internal components and live data to the user.

Natural Power declares that ISIS has brought a range of benefits to their new Lidar, including efficient file compression, internet connectivity, FTP access and email.
The high speed interfaces provided by ISIS make for more rapid and reliable data downloads. Support is also available for the latest technologies such as Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

The collaboration between Eurotech and Natural Power is supporting the wind energy industry in achieving its remarkable potential for future growth.

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