Agricultural Applications

In today's business it becomes increasingly important to have constant visibility of assets and processes, anytime, anywhere.

Eurotech’s Device Cloud offering enables customers to make business decisions based on data coming from the intelligence at the edge of the network. The Everyware Cloud is designed to act as an intermediate system between the distributed devices and the applications making use of the data coming from these devices.

Our approach allows our customers to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of implementing, managing, and scaling their device networks.

Agriculture is one area that benefits of Eurotech's deep experience in M2M and distributed systems:

Greenhouse & Cool Chain Monitoring

For a company growing and selling vegetables, Eurotech provided a monitoring solution for their greenhouses during growth (temperature, light, humidity) and for their trucks during delivery (temperature, cool chain monitoring).

The monitoring of both the greenhouses and the trucks protects the investments of “goods” in this case the vegetables. In the greenhouse, the system helps provide the optimum conditions for growth. The truck solution gives the company the ability to react when a cooling system fails before the load is lost.

Advanced Farming Systems

By adding vision capability to an advanced farming system on sophisticated agriculture equipment, operators gain new benefits and controls to improve their operations.

For example, facial recognition ensures only approved drivers can operate the equipment and can even give certain drivers a limited set of capabilities as an added oversight and protection. Visual analytics identify obstacles in the field so an unmanned piece of equipment can evade logs, rocks or other barriers that might damage the machinery.