Intelligent Systems Framework ready products

Intel® has recently defined the Intelligent Systems Framework (ISF), a specification aimed at streamlining deployment and development of intelligent systems, by addressing the foundation capabilities of connectivity, manageability and security, identifying the common requirements in these areas and ensuring interoperability of different elements both from Intel® and its partners.

Eurotech has a long history in embedded systems and we have already evolved our product portfolio in the direction of intelligent devices. Everyware Software Framework and Everyware Cloud are vital steps along this road map. Eurotech’s ISF ready product line includes:

ReliaGATE 50-21: Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

The ReliaGATE 50-21 is a ready-to-deploy industrial grade smart device that enables communications, computation power, simplified application deployment and M2M platform integration for immediate service generation.

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DynaCOR 10-00: Connected Rugged Mobile Computer

The DynaCOR 10-00 is a rugged mobile computer platform that targets demanding vehicle and industrial installations such as those in heavy industry machinery, rail networks and rolling stock, buses, etc.

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DynaVIS 10-00: Connected, Rugged, Mobile Display Computer

The DynaVIS 10-00 is a rugged mobile display computer platform that targets demanding vehicle installations such as those in rail networks and rolling stock, buses, vessels etc.

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Helios™: Highly flexible, programmable edge controller

The Eurotech Helios™ edge controller provides a flexible and programmable hardware platform with enhanced wireless connectivity that enables simplified data acquisition and integration.

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DuraCOR 1xxx: Configurable, mobile rugged computers

The rugged DuraCOR 1XXX can be configured to match the needs of any transportation application where a certified platform is needed. Available in three different heights, the DuraCOR 1XXX can be quickly tailored to your needs.
The DuraCOR 1XXX are certified EN50155 and 2004/104/EC, making them ideal for demanding applications, such as those deployed in rail networks, rolling stock, buses, and vessels.

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ISIS ICE: Atom™ processor Industrial Compact Enclosure

The ISIS Industrial Compact Enclosure (ICE) is a modular system based on an Intel® Atom™ processor. Due to its flexibility, a wide range of optional communications and I/O interfaces can be accommodated. ISIS ICE is available in three height options, with an optional hard disk and up to three additional PC/104 expansion boards.

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PROTEUS ICE: Compact enclosure based on Intel® Atom™ processor

The PROTEUS ICE is an industrial enclosure optimized for the PROTEUS SBC designed to enable easy installation into wired and wireless, net-centric multimedia applications, especially in situations where low power, high performance but minimum space usage is required.
PROTEUS ICE is compatible with all major desktop operating systems including Windows XP, XP Embedded, CE 6.0 and Linux.

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Catalyst TC: Intel® Atom™ E6xx in Small Form Factor

The Catalyst TC from Eurotech is the next generation of low power, small form factor solutions in Eurotech’s Catalyst family. Based on the Intel Atom E6xx, the Catalyst TC is designed to bring out the full suite of processor capabilities afforded by the Atom processor while optimizing for minimal power consumption, all in a small 67 x 100mm form factor.

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ISIS: Intel® Atom™ Low Power PC/104 Plus CPU Module

The ISIS processor board provides the low power and rich feature set of Intel's Atom™ LPIA architecture in PC/104-Plus form factor.
The ISIS module consists of a PC/104-Plus carrier board coupled with the Catalyst module and requires under than 8W at up to 1.6GHz
The ISIS is ideal in any design where X86 compatibility, low power, high performance and a wide range of peripherals must be combined; it is also perfect to bring new life to existing projects by providing a simple and effective upgrade path for legacy PC104 CPU modules.

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PROTEUS: Single Board Computer based on Intel® Atom™ Z5xx series processor

PROTEUS is a stand-alone single board computer aimed at wired and wireless, net-centric multimedia applications, especially in situations where low power, fanless rugged package and high performance are required. PROTEUS offers a choice of 1.1GHz or 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ processor and is matched with an Intel®System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W™.

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