INT-1460. PC/104 Plus 2 SVGA ctrl and 4 videocomposite Input

Eurotech SpA. is proud to present a PC/104 Plus module with 2 SVGA ctrls and 4 videocomposite Inputs: the INT-1460.

The INT-1460 Video Accelerator and Frame Grabber is a very high performance PC/104-Plus LCD/CRT controller that provides a complete video subsystem solution with low-power-consumption, hardware acceleration for GUI applications and adds frame grabber capability to PC/104-Plus systems.

The Video subsystem includes two Chips? 69000 video controllers (Chips? 69030 are available as option) that allow creation of a multimonitor environment for demanding graphical applications. The two 69000 chips provide 2 x 2MB integrated SDRAM video memory for display resolutions up to 1280x1024 8bpp color @ 60Hz.

The Frame Grabber subsystem supports capture resolutions up to 768x576 (full PAL) and is designed to address demanding requirements of the digital video industry. The INT-1460 supports a wide range of CRT monitors and color or monochrome flat panels including: TFT, DSTN, SSTN, EL and Plasma. Extended temperature range versions are available in order to provide high performance multimonitor and frame grabber capabilities in rugged working conditions.

A module version with two Chips? 69030 video controllers is also available upon request. The two 69030 chips provide a Dual Independent Display (CRT and Flat Panel) modality and a Single View Display Mode up to 1600x1200 64K color @60Hz

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