A reliable Celeron PC/104-Plus Embedded Module with 6 fast USB 2.0 ports

Eurotech today presents a new and reliable Celeron PC/104-Plus Embedded Module with 6 fast USB 2.0 ports: the CPU-1451.

Designed to operate reliably in harsh environmental conditions and integrating the latest USB 2.0 technology, the new CPU-1451 will be the right solution when high data transfer rates are required (i.e.: performing easy and fast back-up of data trough removable storage devices, or connecting fast peripherals), meeting the bandwidth demands of nowadays developing technologies.

It is an embedded PC/104-Plus board featuring the Ultra Low Voltage BGA Celeron 400MHz Tualatin and it is based on two modules: a mezzanine CPU module stacked on top of a PC/104-Plus form factor carrier.
The mezzanine CPU module is a small board that features the ULV Celeron processor and doesn't require any fan cooling to operate over standard and extended temperature ranges making the Board suitable for embedded applications.

The system memory is 128MB SDRAM (256MB as option) soldered on board.
The board provides the connections for 8 USB ports (6 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 1.1), 1 Fast Ethernet interface (10/100Mbps), 2 Serial ports, 1 VGA interface, 1 AC97 interface, Auxiliary Power, Keyboard and Mouse connectors and an IDE controller that supports any type of IDE Flash devices (DiskonModule, CompactFlash and Flash Disk). The carrier also performs the connections for the ISA and PCI bus enabling the CPU-1451 to stack on top of a PC/104-Plus system.
The carrier provides support for Watchdog management and Real Time Clock (external backup battery) and can be customized to match specific customer needs.
The module's embedded BIOS is located in a 1MB Flash EPROM and is re-programmable onboard. The set-up parameters are saved in Flash to allow the module to operate without a battery.

Please click here for further information about the CPU-1451

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