PC/104 format 520MHz Marvell® XScale PXA270™ SBC

The TITAN is an ultra low power PC/104 compatible single board computer based on the 520MHz Marvell® XScale PXA270™ RISC processor.
The PXA270 is an implementation of the ARM compliant, Intel® XScale microarchitecture combined with a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals including, a flat panel graphics controller, USB host/client controller, interrupt controller, and multiple serial ports.


  • Marvell® XScale™ PXA270
  • PC/104 compliant
  • 4x RS-232 ports
  • 1x RS-232/422/485 port
  • AC97 Audio Controller
  • TFT/STN/LVDS flat panel support


  • Multi-media interface panels
  • Space constrained enclosures
  • Multi-media machine control applications
  • Power-sensitive embedded communications
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