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PC104 75W DC/DC Power Supply, Vin=9-60V DC, Vout=±5V, ±12V DC

The PRV-0617 is a 75 Watt DC to DC conversion board with a wide input voltage range of 9-60 volts. Bringing all voltages to the PC/104 bus for use (+5V @ 15A, +12V @ 2.5A, -5V @ 500mA, and -12V @ 500mA), the module serves as a high current capacity (5VDC @ 15 amp continuous) power supply. Four LEDs on the board indicate the output status of all four voltages.


  • Up to 75W:
  • +5V DC @ 15A
  • +12V DC @ 2.5A
  • -5 and -12V DC @ 500mA


  • Defense
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