Dispositivi Stazionari

Eurotech offre un ampio range di dispositivi stazionari con diversi formati e funzioni.
Le piattaforme industriali offerte da Eurotech sono pronte per ospitare le core application, sono complete di contenitori in metallo, di dispositivi di interfaccia e di dispositivi per power supply, in questo modo, esse consentono di ridurre il time-to-market dei clienti.
Fra i dispositivi stazionari offriamo: computer e monitor industriali, interfacce uomo macchina, pc industriali e sistemi di sicurezza.

3/4 ATR Computer Out

3/4 ATR Aviation Processor with Removable Mass Storage

This rugged, multi-use avionics processor combines Pentium® III performance with removable mass storage media. Sized to 3/4 ATR dimensions with standard j-hooks and bushings for dagger pin installation into an ARINC404A aircraft tray, the system incorporates a hardened aluminum chassis with a convenient front handle and EMI-shielded access door. All signals are brought out to a 150-pin ARINC 600 connector on the rear panel, which offers additional pins for future system expansion, such as for a MIL-STD-1553 multiplexed bus.

Based on modular PC/104 computer boards, the unit integrates a PC/104-Plus single board computer, dual-slot PCMCIA adapter, and a multi-port serial card. Other peripherals include PS/2, USB, Parallel, IDE, 10/100 Ethernet, SXGA flat panel display controller, and NTSC video input. A sturdy aluminum septum plate is positioned above the PC/104 cards to enhance the stiffness of the stack without having to put additional holes in the case for the standoffs.

Its design enables two PC Cards®, as well as two 2.5? IDE/ATA Flash disk cartridges to be easily inserted and removed via its hinged front-access panel. Removable mass storage cartridges incorporate internal shock & vibration isolation material to protect each hard drive and integrate a 48-pin Euro-DIN connector on one end to reliably ensure thousands of mate and un-mate cycles. Corresponding cartridge drive bays utilize Silastic Bumper Beans for further protection from shock/vibration common to aircraft environments.
3/4 ATR Computer
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