DuraNET 4948

Ruggedized Cisco 4948 Ethernet Switch, IOS Managed – 48+4 Ports

The DuraNETฎ 4948 is a ruggedized version of Cisco Systems’ high performance Catalyst 4948E data center switch with forty-eight (48) downlink and four (4) uplink ports in a hardened 2U chassis qualified to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental and MIL-STD-461 EMI requirements.


• Ruggedized Version of Cisco Catalyst 4948E Ethernet Switch
• Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) with 8 Queues/per Port
• Data Center Server Virtualization Support for Larger Layer 2 Domains
• Qualified to meet MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 for EMI/EMC
• Rugged 2U, Aluminum Chassis with Front-to-Back Airflow


• Civil and Military Layer 2 / 3 LAN Switching / Routing
• 28V Ground Vehicle / Aircraft / Maritime Installations
• C4ISR Situational Awareness / Technology Refresh / Retrofit / LRU

This powerful, multilayer switch enables demanding military and civil IP networking technology refresh programs to leverage the best that Cisco switching technology has to offer, but in a ruggedized 19” rack mount solution suitable for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications.

This rugged Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product extends the application use of industry-leading Cisco hardware through mechanical enhancement that support deployment of data and multimedia services in wider thermal, shock, vibration, altitude, and humidity conditions than offered by the standard commercial Cisco version. The DuraNET 4948 integrates redundant aircraft-grade power supplies, internal heaters, enhanced heatsinking, and upgraded cooling fans with efficient front-to-back chassis airflow management to reduce data center operating costs (by separating the inlet cold air and exhaust hot air).

Suitable for demanding military ground vehicle, aircraft, and maritime installations, the DuraNET 4948 comes equipped with rugged MIL-38999 connector interfaces, bringing out a total of 48 Gigabit Ethernet downlinks, plus three 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks (2 Copper/1 Fiber) and a Gigabit Fiber uplink. The unit features Cisco’s full-featured Enterprise Services IOS software image with the advanced Quality of Service (QoS), high availability, security, and manageability that customers expect from Cisco for critical data center architectures. Avdanced Layer 3 routing protocol support (i.e. BGP, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS), 3DES encryption and network management tools (AutoInstall, Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager) are also supported.
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