License Plate Recognition System

SekuPLATE is the Eurotech IP-based recognition system for automatic detection of vehicle license plates, that joins a compact and elegant chassis with top-level performance.


• OCR software compliant with EU license plate coding, Arabic characters and hazardous goods signs
• Local storage for images
• Built-in IR Illuminator
• Digital images recording
• MJPEG streaming
• Web interface for configuration and management


• Access control in Restricted Traffic Areas
• Access control in public and private parking
• Territory control
• Access control to residential areas
• Toll collection systems
• Surveillance systems

SekuPLATE is an IP-based recognition system that detects license plates and processes them automatically, monitoring the transit of vehicles through toll gates, checkpoints, access passages, parking areas and in many other applications where intelligent association of vehicle and permission rights is needed.

IP66 protection, extended temperature range and many mounting options make SekuPLATE the ideal solution for installations in harsh environments; a built-in IR Illuminator makes it suitable to operate under any light condition.

SekuPLATE performs license plates recognition either triggered (after an external digital input, e.g. from induction coils, photocells, or radars) or free-running mode, with automatic function for vehicle presence detection. In both modes, license plates can be read from vehicles moving at speeds up to 290Km/h.

SekuPLATE employs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software enabling license plates identification for 27 European States, as well as Arabic characters and hazardous goods signs. Advanced and accurate neural algorithms allow for recognition rates as high as 95% for front plates and 98% for rear ones, thus ensuring a top level reliability.

An intuitive Web GUI makes it easy to configure operating parameters and additionally enables effortless management of access and warning lists as well as providing the statistical analysis of the data.

SekuPLATE provides data in CSV and highly optimized formats, and allows secure access to a remote FTP server. Plate data and stills can also be stored locally on internal memory.

The system is compatible with traditional IT architectures and also supports the Eurotech Cloud Computing offering, to simplify and accelerate the deployment of installations of any size and sophistication.

SekuPLATE is available in several different models with applications ranging from accesses automation to license plates scanning on main transportation links or highway stretches.
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