Biometric Face Recognition System

Eurotech SekuFACE provides a high-end IP-based biometric face recognition system, compliant with privacy constraints and aligned with the highest performance levels presently available in the market.


• High reliability access control system
• Compatibility with ICAO standard
• Biometric tracking over 86 facial measurements
• Possibility of cross-check with identity document scanning
• Possibility of cross-check with badge devices


• Military and Civilian Installations
• Access control in high-risk areas, e.g. Barracks and Courts
• Access control in residential areas
• Access control in private and public buildings, e.g. hospitals, museums, airports, harbors, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, restricted access R&D departments
• Visitor Management
• Security and Surveillance Systems
SekuFACE is a privacy-compliant IP-based recognition system that detects human faces and processes them automatically, monitoring the transit of people through checkpoints and access passages in restricted areas and in many other applications where intelligent association of personal identity and permission rights is needed. Option for cross-controls with identification documents and badge devices can also be implemented.

SekuFACE creates a biometric map in just 3 seconds; it also stores individuals’ biometric tracks and pathways onto internal memory and remote database.

A built-in IR Illuminator makes SekuFACE suitable to operate under any light condition. Face images are captured live with no need for triggering and then compared with previously memorized ones of the same persons to allow or forbid the access.

Average identification rate achieves 95%, thus providing extreme reliability and making SekuFACE a perfect access control instrument to maximize security in targeted areas. By mapping the face image into a 86-measures biometric track, compliance with privacy regulation is wholly ensured.

An intuitive web GUI makes it easy to configure operating parameters, vision and communication features, FPM (False Positive Matching) and FNM (False Negative Matching) levels. Effortless management of white/black lists is also enabled, as well as statistical analysis of detections. Data are provided in CSV and highly optimized formats and securely stored in a remote FTP server.

SekuFACE software also permits for cross-checking between the biometric profiles and personal ID codes, thus supporting diversified access security levels. Several passages can be managed contemporarily and people’s pathways across hierarchic gates can be tracked. Biometric maps of individuals are finally deleted once exited from the restricted area. Only their pathway record is kept for a time span that is definable by the GUI in accordance with privacy constraints for the installation.
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