CPU 71-14

Powerful and Rugged VMEBus Core™2 Duo SBC

The CPU 71-14 is a two-slot wide 6U VME board based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processing offering dual-core processing and cool operation, even in extended temperature environments making it ideal for rugged designs such as in defence, aerospace, and heavy industrial applications.

The CPU 71-14 is also a form/fit/function upgrade to the VMIVME-7751, a product which is no longer available, giving OEMs a reliable supplier with a production-grade quality and full support.

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The CPU 71-14 operates at 1.5 GHz and has much of the I/O routed up to the mezzanine card through a P0 stacking connector arrangement and a PMC site on the base board routes a 66 MHz PCI-X interface up to the mezzanine for accessing an LSI 53C1030 SCSI Controller. Furthermore, the CPU 71-14 has an LPC47B27X Super I/O device that provides a PS/2 mouse/keyboard interface, an LPT1 parallel printer interface, and a floppy disk controller. COM1 & COM2 are RS232 ports accessible from the front panel through two micro-D-sub-miniature (MDSM) connectors similar to those used on the VMIVME-7751.

With so much capability in a robust design, the CPU 71-14 is an ideal solution for OEMs needing a reliable replacement for the VMIVME-7751 or looking to design their next state-of-the-art ruggedized application.

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