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What the M2M Integration Platform Is

Everyware Cloud (EC) is a software platform that quickly connects devices to build and maintain an end-to-end M2M application. Or in other words, it is a platform that solves a common infrastructure problem among distributed devices and IT systems. Everyware Cloud provides an easy path to connect cloud-ready devices to IT systems and/or applications.

M2M Integration Platform is a Device and Data management platform that connects Devices and sensors with business applications

With Everyware Cloud M2M Platform you can:

  • Bridge the gap between distributed devices and event-driven IT applications

  • Lower network costs with an open and optimized protocol for device data transport

  • Access stored data with no time restriction

  • Drive decisions based on real-time data streams

  • Elastically scale with a pay-as-you-go model

  • Rest assured that your access will be globally available and secure

M2M Cloud Platform

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