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ESF: How it works

Software Framework puts together different software layers so that a customer can start writing the application on top of a solid, hardware abstracted platform equipped with all the necessary development tools and specific libraries.

How ESF works: Device abstraction, fields protocols, gateway basic services, network configuration, connectivity and delivery, Osgi, Java

Specifically, the fully integrated and tested software technologies that can be found in ESF are:

Java Virtual Machine: assures hardware abstraction across Eurotech Hardware Platforms

Java Native Interface: allows Java Code to call applications or libraries written in C, C++ and assembly

OSGi Framework: provides a framework for reducing time to market and development costs

Specific Field Libraries: provide developers with already tested libraries for field communications

High Level Hardware APIs: quickly write the application leveraging these powerful APIs

Everyware Cloud Client: straight connectivity with Eurotech M2M Platform

The Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF) allows the user to develop robust, flexible applications with minimal development time, getting their product to market faster.

ESF is a powerful development platform for Eurotech’s range of embedded computers and systems that enables programmers to quickly develop applications leveraging open and industry standards like Java, OSGi and the Eclipse IDE.

Everyware™ Software Framework

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