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EDC: What it is

The Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) is an end-to-end solution that includes purpose-built hardware, connectivity and embedded device management through the Eurotech Software Framework, the Everyware Device Cloud Client and Machine to Machine (M2M) cloud-based services to deliver actionable data from the field to downstream applications and business processes, dashboards, and reports.

Eurotech End to End Solutions

Eurotech's platform will simplify your life while allowing you to get an end-to-end solution to market faster than ever before.

  • Eurotech industrial-grade Intelģ Atomô-based hardware solutions, including embedded boards, packaged platforms, and ready-to-use devices

  • Wind River Linux operating system with a complete and robust development tool chain and full product support

  • Everyware Software Framework (ESF) to simplify application development and network connectivity

  • Everyware Device Cloud Client implementing effective, robust and reliable protocols that ensure efficient communication even in difficult environments

  • Everyware Cloud for instant accessibility to, and management of, device data through the cloud platform

Eurotech Cloud Architecture Components

Everyware Device Cloud

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