Security Systems

Eurotech’s security products line delivers high performance, IP-based systems that leverage the breakthrough and benefits of the Cloud Computing paradigm, thus evolving the very concept of security-purpose electronic systems.

Eurotech’s security portfolio features multiple functions, that include vehicle license plates recognition, biometric face mapping, detection and motion tracking for people and vehicles. Typical applications are the control in high-risk areas, territory control, access automation, toll collection systems, public and private infrastructures monitoring.

With high performance hardware coupled with cutting-edge image analysis software, Eurotech’s security systems deliver high-end efficiency and reliability, by fast data processing and accurate recognition. Access to images, data or streaming video can be provided on traditional IT infrastructures or on Eurotech’s Cloud Platform, streamlining the built of distributed architectures of any sophistication and complexity. By enabling multiple concurrent users, Eurotech solutions are ideal for the control of delocalized structures and extended areas.

Plate Readers Devices

Face Recognition Systems

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