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ESF: Main Features

ESF separates the hardware from the foundation logic and the foundation logic from the business logic. This separation simplifies application development by providing common foundation layers and allowing OEMs to focus on application-specific code development.

Device drivers are approached as services, implemented using simple APIs instead of complex code.

The simple API removes the need to modify low level OS code or configuration files by creating application code and adding process and vertical knowledge to the development process. Because ESF is based on standardized open software backed by large industry companies, OEMs can easily port existing applications from third parties to their own devices.

ESF middleware includes tooling that allows OEMs to modify, reconfigure and maintain their application over time; to evolve as market demands change.

Adaptability and flexibility to meet market requirements gives OEMs a huge competitive advantage over static, fixed functionality software applications.

Manage risk through ESF, by selecting the framework that lets you adjust quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

ESF Main Features_ Software portability across HW platforms

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