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ESF: Benefits

ESF Benefits

By using ESF our customers will take advantage of the following benefits:

Reduced development time > Shorter time to market

Focus on the application, … > Reduced development costs & project’s risks

… ESF takes care of the rest > programmer with knowledge of Java language and no expertise in the M2M domain can create the device software applications

Reuse API and existing applications > Reduced development costs

Portable, robust code > Higher quality software, portable onto different HW platform & architectures of different OEMs

Device Hardware virtualization > Better investment protection

More deterministic project execution > Higher likelihood of meeting project deadlines

Open Standards based > Future-proofed, Investment protection

Remote app management > Extended product lifecycle

Security > Reduce operational risks


Developers adopting ESF will be able to:

  • Write sophisticated applications leveraging the guidance provided by the OSGi framework
  • Write application abstracted from the specific hardware thanks to the high level Hardware APIs developed by Eurotech
  • Reuse your code through the Java Native Interface
  • Leverage all the software building blocks (Foundation Bundles) that are integrated within ESF (modules power management, system log, CPU monitor, Firewall, …)
  • Connect your application with the Eurotech M2M platform right away using the EDC client
  • Use Eclipse as a development IDE; ESF is fully integrated with Eclipse


  • Quickly start your application development on top of proven ESF software platform based on popular development tools
  • OSGi framework and Java will improve reuse of code, reliability and time to market
  • Write application abstracted from the specific hardware thanks to the high level Hardware APIs and Foundation Bundles developed by Eurotech
  • Easily build connected applications leveraging the EDC Client within ESF
  • Standardize your application lifecycle management


  • Concentrate your resources on the application development rather than on the underlying software layers
  • Standardize your application development on top of standard software technologies (Java), framework (OSGi) and development tools (Eclipse)
  • Natively connect your application with an M2M Platform that facilitates data integration into IT systems or custom web application development

Everyware™ Software Framework

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