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EDC: Main Features

The power of our cloud-based architecture allows you to instantly integrate your business data into many data services like:

  • Customizable operational dashboards that show device data in real time
  • Management reports that monitor trends
  • Integration with popular services such as Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, and Google apps
  • Notifications automatically sent to designated recipients via SMS, email, twitter, or automated phone calls
  • Simple integration into SAP, Oracle, and customer-developed applications
  • Mobile support to provide relevant data to specified users on the go

Complete offer from the Edge of the Network to the business enterprise and beyond

  • Flexible hardware, software and service offering for end-to-end device applications
  • Extensive data management for comprehensive platform support:
        - Embedded systems
        - Scalable edge nodes, networking devices
        - Mobile and stationary devices
        - Wearable and hand-held devices
  • Secure and reliable communication infrastructure based on Eurotech M2M Device Cloud platform and services
  • Wide range of standard interfaces and APIs for business application integration

Everyware Device Cloud

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