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M2M Integration Platform Benefits

Eurotech’s M2M Integration Platform Everyware Cloud offers benefits, beyond the general benefits of cloud computing, specific to collecting, controlling, transporting, and analyzing data from the field, regardless of how big your field is; whether it is a building, a campus, a city, a county or the world.

M2M Platform's benefits include:


Simplicity in rule creation. Users create or enhance business processes using the Everyware Cloud’s complex event processing rules engine. The rules engine uses common programming syntax to create rules, with no need for a complex and tedious manual process. Users can create rules quickly, adjust rules instantly and add new rules simply.


data from the field is only as useful as the enterprise’s ability to access it. The faster users can access the data, the more valuable it is in driving business actions. The Everyware Cloud has the longest live data period on the market, so the data can be queried as quickly as possible for up to 36 months or longer. Other systems force users to archive data more often, so it takes longer to access the data and use it to improve or protect business results.


flexible in how you use data, and prepared for changes that simply can’t be anticipated today. The Everyware Cloud’s broker model lets users access data from devices across applications, build relationships between data sources and take action in one area based on data from another.


because the Everyware Cloud uses a protocol optimized for M2M device communications, bandwidth use is low, keeping down network costs.

Power and Agility

level the playing field. Everyware Cloud gives small and medium size businesses new capabilities that used to be available only to companies that could invest huge amounts of time and resources. With a good idea and the Everyware Cloud, enterprises of any size can take on their largest competitors.

M2M Cloud Platform

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