Enterprise communicator handheld computer

Eurotech HRC-4200 is a rugged IP54 grade handheld computer designed for use in a wide range of mobile applications. The communication capabilities integrated in the device allow to extend enterprise computing within as well as far beyond company grounds. HRC-4200 features a large half VGA display that brings high performance and efficiency of operation to the user, enhancing productivity and providing benefits for both the company and the customer.

  • Indoor & outdoor use: HRC-4200 enclosure meets IP 54 protection standard
  • Large half VGA display: 6.2" 640x240 pixels
  • Outstanding memory capacity: 128MB RAM and 1GB flash memory expandable via SD
  • Smart Card Reader

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Field Services and Maintenance
  • Courier & Postal Services
  • Homeland Security

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