DuraNET 30-2020

Rugged Cisco ESS-2020 L2 Ethernet Switch, 17x 10/100 + 2x GigE Ports

The DuraNET 30-2020 is an ultra-rugged 19-port Cisco IOS-managed Layer 2 network switch integrating Cisco’s ESS 2020 Embedded Services Switch technology with an isolated MIL-STD-1275/704 power supply in an IP67 (dust/water proof) sealed aluminum chassis with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. Designed for Size, Weight and Power (SwaP) sensitive harsh military and civil environments (i.e. aircraft, vehicle, mining, industrial), the unit provides reliable local area network (LAN) switching capabilities with the ease of use, secure access, and manageability expected from Cisco-based technology. Two levels of Cisco IOS software (LAN Lite or LAN Base) are available to support access layer connectivity and needs for data, security, voice, and video traffic at the network edge for stationary or mobile network nodes.


• Ruggedized Cisco ESS 2020 Managed Switch
• 19 Ports (2x GigE Uplinks, 17x Fast Ethernet)
• Cisco IOS Layer 2 LAN-Base/LAN-Lite Software
• Size, Weight & Power Optimized Subsystem
• Migration Path for Catalyst 2955T-12 Systems
• Designed to MIL-STD-810G, 461F, 1275D, 704F
• IP67 Protection, MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors


• Cisco IOS-Managed Layer 2 Local Area Network (LAN) Ethernet Switching in Harsh Temperature and Vibration Environments for IP-Enabled Equipment (i.e. On-board Computers, Cameras, Sensors, Routers, Monitoring Devices, and Command-and-Control Gear)
• Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) Constrained Mobile, Tactical, Airborne, and Vehicle Networking Applications Upgrading Situational Awareness and Network Centric Capabilities at Network Edge for Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Industrial, Oil & Gas Platforms
• Cisco IOS-Managed Ethernet Port Expansion for Tactial Cisco Mobile Routers (including DuraMAR)
• Technology Migration Path for End of Life Cisco Catalyst 2955T-12 (including DuraNET 2955)
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