Supercomputing performance for high density and low power

The CPU-570-10 is a dual socket soldered memory (up to 128 GB) board, with optional FPGA. The board can be configured in different ways:
• High end high power configuration, it performs at 390 GFlop/s peak (340 TFlop/s sustained), 380 W
• Low power configuration, within a power budget of less than 100 W

The board is optionally liquid cooled and can be used in a chassis that fits a standard 19’’rack and can also come ruggedized.
The board can be mounted on third party devices.
• Extreme performance and high density
• Liquid cooled and fanless
• Best in the market for energy efficiency
• Based on Intelฎ Xeon™
• Available also with air cooling
• High performance computing (HPC)
• Parallel computing
• Heavy computational loads
• Simulation
• Signal processing
• HPEC (high performance embedded computing)

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