Leverage GPUs for more performance with less energy

The ACPU-20-10 is a dual socket soldered memory (up to 128 GB) board, with 2 GPGPU PCIe slots and optional FPGA. The board can be configured in different ways:
  • High end high power configuration, with a peak performance of 2,73 TFlop/s peak (1,7 TFlop/s sustained) at 800 W peak (400 W sustained)
  • Green configuration, 2.5 TFlop/s peak (1,5 TFlop/s sustained), 400 W, 3.15 GFlops / W

Also, for applications under restricted power budget, the board can be configured on low power configuration, with an average power absorption of less than 100 W.
The board is optionally liquid cooled and can be used in a chassis that fits a standard 19’’rack and can also come ruggedized.
The board can be mounted on third party devices.
• Extreme performance and high density
• Accelerations with Nvidia Kepler GPGPU
• Liquid cooled and fanless
• Best in the market for energy efficiency
• Based on Intel® Xeon™
• Optional Intel Phi accelerators
• Available also with air cooling
• High performance computing (HPC)
• Parallel computing
• Heavy computational loads
• Simulation
• Signal processing
• HPEC (high performance embedded computing)
• Graphic processing and rendering

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