Parvus Corp. has been awarded a contract for 800.000 USD

Thursday August 24th, 2006..

Eurotech, a leading designer and developer of high performance and low power embedded computing systems, today announces that its US subsidiary Parvus has been awarded a contract for US$800.000 with a leading defence firm (1), for the supply of NanoPCs. The order will be delivered in 2006.

Eurotech's NanoPC unit designs and manufactures different products, suited to the miniaturization level required by customers. The products range from stationary PCs (headless or HMI) in compact dimensions to embedded & mobile computers for harsh environments. The HPC unit develops, using proprietary interconnection technologies, high performance computers realized by massively connecting miniaturized computers.

Note (1): Eurotech, in compliance with contractual disclousure obligations, is not allowed to divulgate the customer name.

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