Eurotech's Board of Directors appoints Prof. Alberto Felice De Toni Lead Independent Director (price-sensitive communication)

Amaro, December 23, 2005

The Board of Directors of Eurotech S.p.A. appointed today Professor Alberto Felice De Toni, formerly an Independent Member of the Board, as Lead Independent Director.
By appointing Mr De Toni, the Board of Directors intends to further enhance the role of Independent Members of the Board. As Lead Independent Director, Mr De Toni will be a point of reference for all Independent Directors and will coordinate their requests and contributions. He will have the authority to convene, on his own initiative or upon request of other Members, meetings of sole Independent Directors (executive sessions).

Mr De Toni is Full Professor of Company Management and Management of Complex Systems at the University of Udine. He is President of the Managerial Engineering Department and Deputy Dean of the Engineering School. He is President of Agemont (a local agency for the economic development of Friuli's mountain district) and Vice President of the Area Science Park in Trieste.

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