Eurotech and Freescale collaborate for the development of COM Express offerings based on QorlQ™ processors

Eurotech to offer Freescale’s QorIQ™ multicore processors in COM Express form factors

Amaro (Italy), June 14th, 2010 – Eurotech is working with Freescale Semiconductor to establish a range of offerings that deploy the latest multicore QorIQ™ processors from Freescale in the COM Express standard.

Eurotech’s new lineup of single-board computers is intended to help systems designers leverage the performance and energy efficiency of Freescale’s QorIQ multicore processors in a standard form factor.

“Through this effort, Eurotech extends its technology portfolio to include the most advanced Freescale multicore products available,” said Giampietro Tecchiolli, VP and CTO of the Eurotech Group. “This initiative will expand Eurotech’s product portfolio and open new opportunities for growth in segments such as Networking, Defense and Medical”.

By releasing a family of COM Express modules and development kits based on QorIQ processors, Eurotech will empower customers worldwide with a very flexible foundation for the implementation of solutions targeted at a large number of applications.

By unleashing the capabilities of the QorIQ platform in the COM Express form factor, Eurotech offers a clear path to a broad range of solutions able to address the requirements of established applications such as industrial real-time control as well as new and demanding technologies, such as LTE (Long Term Evolution, also known as 4G).

It is expected that the availability of the new range of boards and development kits will continue the strong market adoption that QorIQ devices are experiencing.

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