Eurotech wins contract with GE Healthcare for medical device accessory

Eurotech To Supply the Embedded Computer for Device Accessory to Deliver Data to Nursing Staff for Accurate and Fast Reporting

Amaro (Italy), November 12, 2009 – Eurotech Group, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, announces today that it has signed a contract with GE Healthcare to provide the embedded computing platform, based on the TurboXb computer on module product, for a future data capture device accessory. The multi-year contract is worth over one million dollars for Eurotech.

“With the Eurotech embedded board operating as the computing platform for our device accessory, we will be able to support medical staff in various healthcare environments,” commented Pamela Jackson Hall, General Manager for GE Healthcare Systems. “We look forward to applying Eurotech’s expertise in the design and build process for medical devices as we develop our device to go to the market with a minimum of delay and uncertainty.”

“GE Healthcare is moving quickly to develop their device to improve patient care by minimizing reporting error and recording health data accurately,” explained Greg Nicoloso, CEO of Eurotech Inc. “Eurotech drives to deliver digital technologies for a better world, and with GE Healthcare we are working together to do just that.”

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