Split of the srl takes effect

Amaro, 12 June 2007. The company advises that, on 11 June 2007, total split of the company THE srl, which owned a 9,420% equity interest in Eurotech, in favour of four beneficiary newcos took effect.
By virtue of the above, THE Srl, which was owned with stakes of 25% each by messrs. Roberto Siagri, Dino Feragotto, Massimo Mauri, and Giovanni Saladino respectively President, Vice President, Vice President, and member of Eurotech's Board of Directors, is now extinct.
Following the split the following private limited liability companies have been set up: Nextra Gen S.r.l. (100% owned by Roberto Siagri), The Next S.r.l. (100% owned by Dino Feragotto), Lae S.r.l. (100% owned by Massimo Mauri), and Gregio S.r.l. (100% owned by Giovanni Saladino). Each company owns 2.355% of Eurotech's share capital.
By virtue of the split described above (which attributed Eurotech shares to each of the parties indicated above), as at todays date the situation is as follows: Roberto Siagri owns, directly and indirectly, 2,380,531 shares, accounting for 6.801% of Eurotech's share capital; Dino Feragotto owns 2,317,660 shares, accounting for 6.621% of Eurotech's share capital; Massimo Mauri owns 1,021,888 shares, accounting for 2.919% of Eurotech's share capital; and Giovanni Saladino indirectly owns 824,371 shares, accounting for 2.355% of Eurotech's share capital.

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