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Eurotech Connecting Business with Machines in IoT World Intel wp.pdf icon image
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Connecting Business with Machines in the Cloud-based World of IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a proliferation of distributed sensor and data-collection systems, but also placing a heavy burden on the cloud infrastructure and the end consumers of that data. Designing and deploying a distributed IoT system is often not compatible with the skills, expertise, and experience required to manage and analyze such a system. Eurotech?s Everyware Cloud and Everyware Software Framework (ESF) provide an industry-neutral platform for building complex global IoT networks while leaving the value-added services to the subject-matter experts

Internet of Things,
Big Data,
Everyware Cloud

Eurotech Smart Systems Innovator HarborResearch wp.pdf icon image
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Eurotech: Smart Systems Innovator by Harbor Research
Today, virtually all products that use electricity - from toys and coffee makers to cars and medical diagnos­tic machines - possess inherent data processing capability and the poten­tial to be networked. These can be integrated into systems that connect people, processes, and knowledge to en­able collective awareness and efficien­cies. Machine-To-Machine (M2M) com­munications and cloud computing are combining to create new modes of asset intelligence, collaboration and decision making. Everyware Cloud platform integrate all the key system elements required to build a complete end-to-end connected de­vice solution.

Everyware Cloud,
Cloud Computing

Eurotech Passenger People Counting Stereoscopic Vision Technology wp.pdf icon image
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Accurate Passenger and People Counting with Stereoscopic Vision Technology
New technology is changing the transportation industry at a rapid pace, improving the ride for passengers and simplifying management tasks for transit operators. Passenger counting in particular has been a tedious process in the past. Today, automated vision-based passenger counters connected to a database through a wireless connection will more accurately count passengers, leading to better budgets, schedules, and an improved customer experience.

Passenger Counting,
People Counting,
DynaPCN 10-20

Eurotech reinvents embedded connected computing M2M wp.pdf icon image
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Eurotech Re-Invents Embedded Connected Computing for M2M 2.0
The convergence of smart connected devices and cloud computing is unleashing an age of anytime, anywhere connectivity that is fostering entirely new modes of customer interaction and service delivery. Eurotech's Everyware Cloud platform simplifies device and data management by providing an innovative platform that integrates distributed devices with business enterprise applications providing users and developers a path for building open, scalable M2M applications and smart services.

Embedded Cloud,
Connected Device

Eurotech LowPower Atom Catalyst Design wp.pdf icon image
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Eurotech's low power IntelŽ Atom-based Catalyst Module Design
The low power Intel Atom Processor family delivers Intel Architecture compatibility and performance at a fraction of the power consumption of a laptop or desktop computer. This feature set has enabled embedded designs to take advantage of IA compatibility while maintaining low power dissipation, thus eliminating the need for fans or heat sinks.

Intel Atom,
Low Power,
Catalyst Module

Everyware Software Framework wp.pdf icon image
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Everyware Software Framework
ESF lets Open Source Developers bring products built on Eurotech embedded platforms to market as quickly as possible. ESF puts a middleware layer between the OS and the OEM application, with industry-standard interfaces that shorten OEM development time and simplify coding. The software technologies that can be found in ESF are: Embedded Java, OSGi Framework, Applications and Vertical Markets Bundles, and Applications Business Logic.

Embedded Java,

Eurotech Optimizing Embedded Designs wp.pdf icon image
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Optimizing Embedded Designs for the IntelŽAtom Processor
The IntelŽ Atom Processor, with multithreading and virtualization, delivers x86 performance, minimizes power consumption and heat dissipation, eliminating the need for fans or heatsink, and brings powerful new technology to battery operated, space constrained embedded applications. To take advantage of the all the benefits offered, designers must understand intricacies involved in hardware, software, and end delivery to select the right Low Power IntelŽ Atom Processor-based solution for their embedded devices.

Intel Atom,
Low Power,

Video performance comparison wp.pdf icon image
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Video Performance Comparison. PXA and IMX Processors for Various CODECs
Media for small, embedded devices is in our future. We ran some quick tests on the leading PXA (Marvell) and i.MX (Freescale) CPU architectures to see where the current and likely future price/performance leader is. The operating system, across the board, was Windows CE. We ran the same media file, compressed four different ways, on three CPUs with three different media players. Performance differences of greater than two to one were seen; however these differences are small compared to the potential effect of application-specific features that exist with these highly specialized CPUs.

Single Board Computer,
Bitsy G5,

Windows Embedded for Mobile Devices wp.pdf icon image
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Using Windows Embedded Standard to Create a Battery Powered Device
New low power x86 Silicon is now available, so Windows Embedded Standard (WES) properly configured can be productively employed for battery powered mobile devices. We show WES running on multiple version of Silicon, in multiple hardware configurations including consumer, commercial and industrial computers. A series of tests is run to determine processing power per watt, and some indicators of energy consumption per functional operations as well.

Mobile Device,
Windows Embedded Standard

Choosing an embedded development system wp.pdf icon image
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Choosing an Embedded Development System
A Development Environment should be measured against objectives. Various Development Systems might look the same but might be very different based on intended use, support included and implied product warranty. Before you buy a Development System, you should define your needs and consider the options.

Development System

Dealing with components EOL wp.pdf icon image
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Dealing with Component EOL
How Application Ready Subsystems Lower Lifecycle Cost. Product EOL and redesign is being forced by component obsolescence, forcing recovery of the design and introduction cost over a shorted product lifetime. This whitepaper will show how by using application ready subsystems, the OEM can insulate his product from component side obsolescence and maintain continuity of supply to his market for a decade and more.

Product Lifecycle,

Know product lifecycle cost DIME wp.pdf icon image
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Know Product Lifecycle Cost to a DIME. Control Risk, reduce time to market, and improve product features
The industrial, commercial OEM is pressured with an ever growing wish list of product features, and constrained by limited resources to deliver them. Eurotech has developed a unique, partnership business model where we undertake the costs and risks of the back end, 32-bit computer portion of the product, allowing the OEM to focus on developing the core technology: the application. The partnership offered by Eurotech spans Design, Introduction, Manufacturing & Maintenance and EOL considerations, hence the DIME mnemonic.

Product Lifecycle,

Working with Eurotech Embedded Technology wp.pdf icon image
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Three Ways to Buy Embedded Computer Technology: Boards, Custom Products and Architected Designs
Eurotech partners offers both ready to use products and embedded systems; For incorporation into an OEM device. When the customer wants a 'board' Component for his system, We work with them to achieve maximum cost efficiencies through the "DIME" Model of product lifecycle cost (Design, Factory Introduction, Maintenance, And EOL considerations). Within this the DIME business model, We offer options to OEMs with varying production volumes and varying control on their supply chain.

Embedded System,

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