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Vending Machine: Secure, Real-time Data Collection using the Eurotech Everyware Cloud
Vending machines are a $7B industry in the United States. With one machine for every 55 people and the global base expected to reach 35.2 million units by 2015, the pressure is on for vending machine owners to ensure the machines are kept running, essential data is collected and they continue to service their customers effectively. With so many machines, In so many places, remote real-time data collection is required. This is made possible by leveraging eurotech embedded M2M gateways and expertise in field data collection and management through Eurotech's M2M integration platform.

Vending Machine,
Cloud Integration Platform
Eurotech Blazepoint armed forces as.pdf icon image
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Alliance creates the best defence
Eurotech and Blazepoint have recently pooled their defence sector expertise to produce a new robust and powerful tactical computer for the armed forces.

Tactical Computer,
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Counting on Quality
Vacuumatic is a world leader in the manufacture of sophisticated counting machines particularly for use in the security printing industry. Eurotech embedded computers "provide the brains" behind the sequencing and operator interface processes in this equipment.

Counting machine,
Security printing,
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Computing for the radiation sentry
The MiniSentry/S is a new advance in radiation monitoring developed by nuclear industry specialists Canberra for the French Emergency Services. Its application programme is hosted on Eurotech's fanless ultra low power Titan single board computer, producing a range of sophisticated capabilities in the vital area of nuclear safety.

Eurotech IATechnology military as.pdf icon image
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Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces
Eurotech has supplied an essential component, the Isis Single Board Computer, for a data capture system installed in army vehicles for British forces in Afghanistan. The sophisticated system plays a critical role in the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which have become an increasingly deadly weapon for the Taliban. This can provide a lifecritical early warning to military personnel operating in a hostile environment.

Data capture,
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Transport of the Future at Heathrow
New unmanned electric Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) vehicles being introduced to Heathrow Airport are set to revolutionise the transfer of passengers between two remote stations at the T5 Business Car Parking and the Terminal 5 Building. The service will provide an innovative, fast, safe and comfortable alternative to cramped airport buses. Eurotech's Proteus SBC drives the vehicle's communication system.

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Mobile Phones at Sea
Recent advances in communications technology have revolutionised the use of mobile phones. Until recently, however, seafarers have not been able to use the technology that has become standard for the rest of the world. Crews on board merchant ships have had, up to now, to rely on expensive satellite connections for contact with family, and work colleagues. A custom built system based around the Apollo board enhances network coverage over oceans acting as a satellite router.

Merchant ship,
Eurotech TurboTechnics motoring technology as.pdf icon image
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The Power of Balancing Technology
Turbochargers play an essential role in today's motoring technology in the automotive industry. Air compressed by the turbocharger creates the vital "boost" to the power that is generated by an engine. The Eurotech's SBC-GX533 embedded single board computer is integrated into the computer used for analysing and monitoring balance measurements and for controlling the operating process.

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Monitoring Systems for International Super-Yacht
The world class motor yacht Floridian, recently renamed Nomad, offers the height of luxury combined with state-of-the-art equipment and resources for long range ocean cruising and exploration. The Floridian's monitoring system includes six VX-121P panel PCs with high brightness TFT displays at key locations on the vessel.

Panel PC,
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Viper Aid to Acoustic Positioning
Applied Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of undersea positioning, tracking and sub- bottom profiling equipment. These systems are used in a wide variety of subsea commercial, military and environmental projects. They are also vital to research and supporting advances in oceanographic knowledge.

Undersea positioning,

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