Logistics and Networking

Eurotech offers many embedded sub-system and solution specifically conceived for the logistic market. The wide portfolio allows System Integrators to design an innovative solution to a single problem, like, improve the pick and scan process in the warehouse, or, to design and deploy an end-to-end system that is capable to monitor an entire facility and to seamlessly integrate those data coming from the filed into the company IT system.

Some proven applications:

Wearable computers: are used for hands free real time barcode scanning applications within warehouse

Embedded General Purpose Computers: are widely deployed in automation/logistic environments to provide intelligence and computation power where needed along the logistic chain. For example RFID portals are implemented using our gateways as well as some of the most sophisticated sorting system are based upon our intelligent systems.

Mobile computers: are installed on board of the vehicles that are transporting valuable goods and allow the acquisition of information related with the shipment (temperature, humidity, position, etc) or the vehicle itself while transmitting those info to the central station through a wireless connection allowing a real time smart tracking and monitoring system.

M2M Platform: allows, in an reliable and secure way, the collection of the information coming from all these physical disperse smart devices that are in use in the logistic environment. Our platform simplify this data intense gathering process and permits a standard integration into the logistic IT systems.