Industrial and Commercial

Eurotech offers solutions for use in the industrial and commercial markets based upon a wide range of rugged platforms, subsystems and boards.
With application areas including industrial PCs, HMIs, access & security, data concentrator/logger/gateways and monitoring & control, Eurotech is uniquely placed in being able to offer hardware, operating system, communications and middleware components all developed and supported directly in-house.
Eurotech has a complete portfolio of boards and embedded modules with cpu processor based on the state of the art architectures: Atom , x86, PowerPC , XScale , ARM and QorIQ. Eurotech provides industrial and commercial according to the demands for connectivity, lower cost and a reduced time to market.
Eurotech offers a wide range of stationary systems in a variety of formats and functions. Industrial grade compliant platforms are delivered ready for the core application to be added, and include the sheet metal enclosure, interface devices, user interface, and power supply for fastest time to market. They include industrial monitor devices and box computers , panel pcs .

IoT Gateways close the gap between devices in the field and the Cloud, where data is collected, stored and manipulated by business applications. Enabling cellular technology is one of the toughest and most time-consuming challenges our enterprise customers face. Eurotech’s Rugged Cellular Modules simplify these solutions. The modems are designed to integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, industrial computing and enterprise appliances for fast and highly-reliable cellular connectivity.

Wearable and portable computers collect data (Bar Code Reader, Smart card, GPS) and manage the interaction with remote servers via wireless data communication (Wi-Fi, cellular modems, and Bluetooth). .

Eurotech’s IoT Cloud Platform allows, in an reliable and secure way, the collection of the information coming from all physical disperse smart devices that are in use in the industrial and commercial environments. Our platform simplify this data intense gathering process and permits a standard integration..

Vending Machine Management

Vending machine operators face tight competition, rising merchandise costs, changing consumer preferences and new regulations, making it vitally important to improve efficiency in inventory management, stocking schedules and routes, and equipment repair and maintenance. With these factors stacked up in one corner, what tools does the vending machine operator have in his or her corner to take them on? Eurotech offers the tools that vending machine operators need. Vending Machine Eurotech Solution

Vending Machine
Secure, Real-time Data Collection using the Eurotech Everyware Cloud

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